AS2x21 is the new ShDSL EFM network termination modem solution providing bonding up to 4 copper pairs. Full EFM functionalities (eg. 64/65B encapsulation, PAF for aggregation) are HW-implemented.

Traffic Management Capabilities

ShDSL EFM router/modem solution for high performance connections supports traffic shaping and Quality of Service at both layer 3 and layer 2. It also provides interworking mechanisms between the two layers, which allow Telecom Operators the maximum flexibility in defining traffic management policies for transit switches/routers in their access & core networks.

Full IP Services & Security Features

The ShDSL EFM router/modem solution provides advanced routing and bridging configuration also offering firewall functionality and VPN data protection (including IPSec hardware encryption). IEEE 1588 support (transparent clock mode) enables deployment of CESoP services behind the CPE.

Powerful Configuration & Management

ShDSL EFM router/modem solution offers a web-based interface for easy configuration and monitoring. It includes remote management via an internal web server (HTTP and HTTPS), Telnet or SSH server using the Command Line Interface.


The family includes four models, AS2451 and AS2251 specialized as complete broadband router, AS2421 and AS2221 focalized as “network termination” modem. The four models differ in Ethernet / ShDSL.bis port number and available features.

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