The SV6044 family of Integrated Access Devices enables Network Operators and ISPs to effectively deploy Next Generation Networks based on Voice over IP technology.A variety of fixed configurations allows an exhaustive offer to Small and Medium Enterprise integrating broadband data and carrier-class voice services over Ethernet, VDSL2/ADSL2+, G.ShDSL.bis or V/X.

Fast Integration and “Five-9s” Service Availability

The SV6044 ensures seamless installation and the highest degree of compatibility with every type and brand of legacy telephony devices. An optional fully managed backup battery unit is also available for service continuity in case of mains faults. Moreover, besides Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol, two of the ISDN-BRI ports can be set to perform data backup thus guaranteeing a reliable resiliency.

VDSL2 High-Speed and High-Performance Internet Access

The SV6044 family offers, in addition to the default WAN Eth connectivity, a fixed configuration with VDSL2 line interface (backward compatible with ADSL2/2+), with ShDSL.bis or even V/X multiprotocol serial interface. All VDSL2 profiles up to 30Mhz can be configured, reaching downstream and upstream rates of up to 140 Mbps.

Full IP Services & Security Features

The SV6044 provides advanced routing and bridging configuration also offering firewall functionality and VPN data protection (including IPSec hardware encryption). Moreover, a software upgrade for IP-PBX capability makes it ready for full-IP scenarios.

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