Aethra Telecomumunications Integrated Access Devices (IADs) enables Network Operators and ISPs to effectively deploy Next Generation Networks basedon Voice over IP technology offering to Small and Medium Businesses integrated broadband data and carrier-class voice services over ShDSL.

SV22P1 is a one-box solution providing Data and Voice services through ISDN PRI, Ethernet and ShDSL interfaces.

E1 PRI interface provides up to 30 independent channels while the 4-port Ethernet switch allows data connectivity with enhanced layer3/layer2 capabilities.

Fast Integration and “Five-9s” Service Availability

The SV22P1 IAD guarantees seamless installation and the highest degree of compatibility with every type and brand of legacy PBX.

Powerful Configuration and Management

SV22P1 offers a web-based interface for easy configuration and monitoring. It includes remote management via an internal web server or telnet server using the Command Line Interface. Syslog protocol can also be used to send event notification messages across the IP network.

Full IP Services & Security Features

SV22P1 provides enhanced routing and bridging capabilities, also offering firewall functionality and VPN data protection (including IPSec hardware encryption) on transmission between two sites. Moreover, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol configuration increases reliability performing a physical backup.

Traffic Management Capabilities

SV22P1 supports Traffic Shaping and layer2/layer3 QoS providing interworking mechanisms between the two layers.

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