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  • Aethra® Telecommunications FTTC Local Power Feeding

    Aethra® Telecommunications ACPS-350-CL4 is a Local Power Feeder for FTTC and FTTS scenarios, and it’s designed to locally power the mini-DSLAMs in the cabinet providing up to 350W. The system implements a 10KV isolation between input and output, in order to be able to remove RCDs, overvoltage protections and earthing.

    More than one ACPS-350-CL4 can be connected in parallel, in order to be able to power devices needing more than 350W.

  • company profile

    In 2009 AB Medica Group, following its long-term strategy regarding business diversification, established A TLC srl targeting the acquisition of some strategic assets of Aethra SpA, a leading player in the international telecommunication arena with more than 30-years of history. The acquisition was completed in 2010 and led to the creation of one of the most prominent Italian vendors of access networks equipment. Recognising the value of Aethra’s historic name as synonym of Quality and Innovation in the market, A TLC is promoting “AETHRA TELECOMMUNICATIONS” as sole commercial brand for its solutions.



  • The strength of AETHRA TELECOMMUNICATIONS’s commercial offer is represented by access routers with integrated VoIP functionality.
    Thanks to a huge expertise in PSTN voice (with more than 6 million ISDN terminals worldwide installed ), AETHRA TELECOMMUNICATIONS has specialised its offers in VoIP applications by developing one of the most competitive and attractive product line for the SOHO/SMB/SME market addressing any need in terms of requested voice interfaces (ISDN BRIs NT/TE, FXS/FXO, ISDN PRI).

    These exceptional products have distinguished AETHRA TELECOMMUNICATIONS as a leader in the telecommunications industry worldwide, reflecting its expertise in bringing cutting-edge communications technologies to the market.
    With an installed base exceeding 300k units, addressing SoHo and SMB needs, AETHRA TELECOMMUNICATIONS is an established player and market leader for integrated access devices and routers, offering:

    • any flavour of DSL technology (ADSL2+, VDSL2, ShDSL.bis)
    • a fully-fledged routing/switching engine, supporting advanced routing protocols (BGP and OSPF), QoS (e.g. RED/CBWFQ/LLQ, 802.1Q/p), backup capabilities (VRRP based and/or with redundant WAN ifcs including ISDN and 3G connectivity)
    • scalable, highly optimized platforms, offering from 2 to 30 simultaneous VoIP calls; a wide choice of data interfaces (Ethernet, 802.11 b/g, USB, V.35/X.21)
    • flexible mixing of voice interfaces (FXS, ISDN BRI, FXS+ISDN BRI simultaneously operated, ISDN PRI)




  • AETHRA TELECOMMUNICATIONS’s product portfolio is also completed by a line of ShDSL CPEs dedicated to support Network Operators in seamless migration of their cash-cow legacy data connections (Frame Relay, Leased Lines) on broadband (DSLAM/ATM based) infrastructure.

    The portfolio, worth of 300k ports shipped over the years, includes single and dual pair SHDSL NTs providing Circuit Emulation Services over ATM and/or Frame Relay to ATM interworking with a variety of user interfaces (G.703/G.704 120Ω/75Ω, V.35/V.36/X.21).
    Being part of AB Medica Group represents a major opportunity to consolidate and expand the well-known Aethra’s access network business in terms of technology innovation, product portfolio enlargement and market push thanks to the investments that AETHRA TELECOMMUNICATIONS will be able to guarantee in the close future.
    Synergies found in the medium-long term with AB Medica, may also result in the start-up of a new division developing solutions and systems for emerging and high-potential applications such as telemedicine.


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  • mission

    At Aethra Telecommunications we design and market advanced and high customized solutions for Next Generation Networks offering full support of legacy services and interfaces. We enable Telecom Operators and System Integrators to make SoHo/SMB embracing the broadband revolution and the Voice over IP paradigm with the lowest complexity and the highest reliability through a step-by-step, incremental migration strategy. Always keeping Customer's need at the center of the process.

  • vision

    Next Generation Networks are among the brightest opportunities of growth for the 21st century. We believe their success will depend on the capability to guarantee service continuity and investments preservation to Customers, especially in the SOHO/SMB segments. No one better than Aethra Telecommunications is able to support Telcos and their Customers in this migration process thanks to its unequalled mix of experience in legacy data and voice services, mastery in routing & VoIP solutions and expertise in designing customized solutions.


  • A TLC Environmental Guidelines

    A TLC is deeply involved in the sustainable development; environment protection and pollution prevention represent an essential part of our vision and social accountability approach.
    Towards this end the company has defined an environmental policy and implemented a comprehensive environmental management system conforming the international standard ISO 14001, in order to keep under strict control its environmental impacts and to improve continuously the performances achieved.



  • Since A TLC acts in the global telecommunication market, we take in great consideration the conformity to all applicable international laws and regulations, including the following:

    • RoHS directive and China RoHS legislation (Restriction of certain Hazardous Substances);
    • WEEE directive (Waste of Electrical and Electronics Equipment management);
    • EuP/ErP directive (Energy using Products/Energy related Products for electricity saving).

    Our attention to environmental compatibility and sustainability of internal processes starts since the R&D stage, with the adoption of “design for environment” procedures covering such aspect as:

    • power consumption;
    • waste management;
    • eco-friendly materials;
    • aesthetical finishing;
    • recyclable packaging;
    • size and weight minimization;
    • disassembly ease; maintainability;
    • end-of-life management.

    Our high quality products help people to take care of environment, by improving communication means and reducing the need of travelling.

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  • code of ethics

    The Code of Ethics clearly states the common principles, values and responsibilities that guide A TLC relationship with the market, the communities in which it operates, the people who work with us and all the other stakeholders.

    1. Code of ethics (pdf - 179kb)


  • certifications

    A TLC is strongly committed to perform excellence in organizational business processes together with excellence in technology on products and services, in order to ensure customers' needs and expectations. For this purpose, A TLC implements an integrated management system concerning Quality - Environment - Safety, which involves all staff in continuous performance improvement. A TLC witnesses its policy by achieving ISO 9001 Certification for Quality Management System (cert. No IT95/0055 SGS Italy) and ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Management System (SGS cert Italy No IT05/0180).

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  • privacy policy

    (Italian Law 196/03)

    By providing us with your personal information when registering at our Site or when you obtain or use any of our products or services, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure by A TLC S.r.l. of your personal information as provided in this Privacy Policy.

    Your consent includes the retention of personal information that is collected through our Site, including your personal information that you submit through a registration process, for as long as you are registered at our Site or you are a user of A TLC’s products and services, unless and until you withdraw your consent.
    You may contact A TLC, at any time to exercise his rights as indicated in article 7 of Italian Law 196/03, the text of which is hereby given in full.

    Article 7 - Personal data and other rights

    1. The individual has the right to receive confirmation of the existence or not of personal data of which he is subject, even if not yet registered, and communication of the same in intelligible form.



  • 2. The individual has the right to receive indication:

    • of the origin of personal data;
    • of the purposes for and conditions in which said data is to be treated;
    • of the logic applied in the case of treatment performed with the assistance of electronic methods;
    • of the identity of the controller, the processors and the representative appointed under the terms of article 5, subsection 2;
    • of the subjects and subject categories to which personal data may be communicated or which may receive such information while acting as national territory representative, processors or appointees.

    3. The individual has the right to:

    • update, modify or, if so desired, integrate the data;
    • cancel, transform into anonymous format or block data treated in violation of the law, including that which it is not necessary to preserve in relation to the purposes for which said data was collected or subsequently treated;
    • receive confirmation that procedures under letters a) and b) have been brought to the attention, also in relation to their content, to those bodies or persons to whom said data has been communicated or transmitted, except in the case in which such communication proves impossible or involves means manifestly disproportionate with respect to the right protected.



  • 4. The individual has the right, wholly or in part:

    • when his/her reasons are legitimate, to oppose to the treatment of data of which he is subject, even if pertinent to the purposes of the data collection;
    • to oppose to the treatment of data of which he is subject for the purposes of issuing advertising or direct sales material or for market research or commercial communications.


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  • Aethra® Telecommunications FTTC Remote Power Feeding

    “Fiber-to-the-Cabinet” (FTTC) technology enables carriers to offer superfast broadband access to their customers. FTTC brings fiber up to the street cabinet and then uses VDSL2 over the existing copper, reaching up to 100Mbps in download and 50 Mbps in upload. Street cabinets are equipped with xDSL mini-DSLAMs and the key issues come down to powering them and managing the physical installation in usually restricted spaces.

    Aethra® Telecommunications RPF2000 System is a Remote Power Feeding is a compact and modular solution that solves both problems, and it’s designed to power the mini-DSLAMs remotely from the exchange using the cabinet ‘s copper pairs.

    Each copper pair can provide up to 21 W at +/-175 V, and the system can inject xDSL in the same copper pairs used for remote powering. Together with the powering services, Aethra® Telecommunications RPF2000 System gives the possibility to manage the system remotely.

  • Aethra® Telecommunications FTTdP carrier solutions

    Aethra® Telecommunications HGV1+ is a solution based on Fiber-to-the-Distribution-Point, a revolutionary fiber/copper hybrid approach that allows up to 100Mbps symmetrical access speeds to the customer.

    FTTdP solves the problems related to the deployment of superfast fiber broadband, taking care of the key issues of FTTB and FTTH technologies:

    • Vertical cabling. Unlike FTTH, fiber is cabled up to the basement, and broadband access is given to the customers using standard VDSL2 over the existing copper. This means superfast access, no construction works and guaranteed installation and deployment lead times for carriers.
    • Power feeding. Unlike FTTB, every single line is independent and "reverse" powered from the enduser's premises using the copper cabling itself, thanks to an Aethra® Telecommunications innovative hardware design (patent pending). This means carriers can handle every single new installation in a scalable way, not depending on electric utilities and still being compliant to standards and regulations.
    Aethra® Telecommunications HGV1+ Access System helps carriers bring superfast fiber broadband to their customers with guaranteed lead times and cutting deployment costs. Just a single appointment needed at the customer’s home.
  • A TLC inherited from Aethra 30 years of experience in internal testing and calibration laboratories concerning

    • electomagnetic compatibility and susceptibilty, safety, infrared thermography, MTBF calculation and reliability (mechanical and climatic);
    • mechanical, electrical and electronic calibration.
    The internal laboratories has always been a valuable resource allowing our technicians and engineers to better project and manage each new product, to prevent unpleasant events during the deployment and to provide documentation satisfying industry and regolatory or audit requirements. A TLC internal testing and calibration laboratories and a high-qualified staff are also available to Companies needing such services and years of expertise.

  • customers

  • partners


  • Packet Telephony: Aethra and BT Italia (Albacom)

    Integrated Data and Voice services for Small Medium Enterprises.

    To provide one of firsts commercial implementations of packet voice transmission in Italy with a 100% Italian solution.

    Multiple (up to 8) simultaneous phone calls along with IP data connectivity on a single copper pair at convenient cost. A mix of ISDN and FXS interfaces in a single device

    Aethra SV1042: a cheap and reliable Integrated Access Device (IAD)

    First approach in Italy with packet telephony has been the Voice over ATM one (VoATM), also known as Loop Emulation Service (LES), whose basic requirement was stated by ATM Forum document: AF-VMOA-0145.000 (Voice and Multimedia Over ATM – Loop Emulation Service Using AAL2). This technology consists in emulating a number of legacy analogue copper loops from Central Office to Customer Premises...



  • The very basic idea is to transmit voice samples in data packets taking advantage of multiplexing feature of AAL2 adaptation layer over ATM (on ADSL or ShDSL links) in order to simultaneously transport multiple phone calls on multiple AAL2 channel.
    Along with the capability to convey phone calls, SV1042 had also the router functionality in order to allow multiple user PCs to be connected to Internet at the same time.
    Field installations of SV1042 started at the beginning of 2003 and 80.000 units have been deployed during four years. In the meantime (2005) Aethra released also the Voice over Ip (VoIP) solution, adopted by BT Italia in 2007, but tens of thousands VoATM users are still (2011) active due to reliability and robustness of the solution.
    Main challenges of the whole operation relied on complexity of the service due to a variety of chain elements (IAD, DSLAM, Voice Gateway, ATM switches, BRAS, customer equipments (telephones, faxes, ISDN PBX…) and the innovative nature of most of them.
    Key point of the operation success has been the continuous support provided by Aethra to overcome frequent obstacles faced during field test and mass deployment.
    As an illuminating example the transition to ULL (Unbundling Local Loop) to Wholesale service can be mentioned.
    In fact in the last case the service was provided using the infrastructure of the incumbent carrier and an incompatibility of carrier ATM switch setting with AAL2 has been faced which prevented the whole service to work.
    A non standard patch on AAL2 layer was promptly released by Aethra as a workaround.


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    From A14 motorway, direction ANCONA, take the exit for ANCONA SUD.
    Follow the signs for ANCONA, Baraccola Industrial Area.


    From the Falconara Airport 'R.Sanzio' take the SS16, direction ANCONA.
    Follow the signs for ANCONA, Baraccola Industrial Area.

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