SV6044E All-in-one Business Solution Aethra Telecommunications SV6044E Integrated Access Device (IAD) offers the richest interface selection for SME voice and data services, with four analog, four ISDN BRI, optional PRI and a four ports Gb Ethernet switch. Up to 42 (12 + 30 with PRI) concurrent high quality voice calls, Fax/Modem support and secure WiFi [...]



SV22P1 Aethra Telecomumunications Integrated Access Devices (IADs) enables Network Operators and ISPs to effectively deploy Next Generation Networks basedon Voice over IP technology offering to Small and Medium Businesses integrated broadband data and carrier-class voice services over ShDSL. SV22P1 is a one-box solution providing Data and Voice services through ISDN PRI, Ethernet and ShDSL interfaces. [...]



Aethra Telecomumunications Integrated Access Devices(IADs) enables Network Operatorsand ISPs to effectively deployNext Generation Networks basedon Voice over IP technologyoffering to Small and…