AS21x1 is a ShDSL router family for high performance connections. The family includes two models, AS2111 and AS2141, differing for the Ethernet port number only. AS21x1 offers a wide range of configurations that allow SME and SoHo customers to use any type of professional application, including ISP, LAN to LAN, VPN and videoconferencing.

Traffic Management Capabilities

AS21x1 supports traffic shaping and Quality of Service at both layer 3 and layer 2. It also provides interworking mechanisms between the two layers, which allow Telecom Operators the maximum flexibility in defining traffic management policies for transit switches/routers in their access & core networks.

VPN and Security Features

AS21x1 offers firewall functionalities to prevent unauthorized external hosts access to the internal LAN: access lists, Stateful Packet Inspection for hacker patterns and DoS attacks. AS21x1 allows VPN data protection on transmission between two sites supporting IP-in-IP, GRE , PPTP client/server and IPSec software and hardware encryption.

Powerfull Configuration & Management

AS21x1 offers a web-based interface for easy configuration and monitoring. It includes remote management via an internal web server or Telnet server using the Command Line Interface.

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