AC203x is a family of highly flexible Network Termination Units that connect directly a DTE with Serial and/or E1 interface to an ATM network through a ShDSL line. AC2036 and AC2037 models, respectively 2-wire and 4-wire, provide two different operating modes, E1 Cell Bridging and Frame Relay to ATM interworking functionalities.

Configurable Connectivity

AC203x family offer flexible ShDSL Network Termination Points with different operating modes:

  • ATM Circuit Emulation Service (CES)
  • Frame Relay to ATM Interworking
  • Cell Bridging to transport ATM cells between the ShDSL network interface and the E1 service interface
  • Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM)

High-Performance Digital Suscriber Line Access Multiplexer Transmission

AC203x, connected to a DSLAM, terminates the ShDSL and many other xDSL links. AC203x cross connects and concentrates up to 128 Virtual Circuit Connections (VCC) over a single or a dual high speed link to the backbone ATM network, reaching up to 4608kbps (4-wire mode). Deploying an inexpensive and highly scalable network infrastructure using AC203x replaces obsolete DCE, HDSL transceivers, TDM cross-connects, and other leased line network equipment.

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