All-in-one Business Solution

Aethra Telecommunications SV6044E Integrated Access Device (IAD) offers the richest interface selection for SME voice and data services, with four analog, four ISDN BRI, optional PRI and a four ports Gb Ethernet switch.
Up to 42 (12 + 30 with PRI) concurrent high quality voice calls, Fax/Modem support and secure WiFi make SV6044E the perfect choice for A/VDSL connectivity over copper (with full vectoring and bonding support) and FTTH. USB 2.0 ports provide printer and storage server capabilities

Full IP Services & Security Features

The SV6044E Series provides advanced routing and bridging features also offering firewall functionality and VPN data protection (including IPSec hardware encryption).

Factory HW Configuration

The SV6044E family guarantees high flexibility in covering multiple applications thanks to different WAN modules.
SV6044E offers, besides Ethernet connectivity, a factory configuration with VDSL2/ADSL2+ line module, and optional SHDSL.bis (2 or 4-pairs, including both ATM and EMF support) and V/X multiprotocol serial modules.
An additional A / VDSL2 module for backup or traffic balance is also available.

VDSL2 Interfaces

All VDSL2 profiles up to 30a can be configured, reaching fiber-like downstream and upstream rates. Full Vectoring and up to profile 30a 2-pairs bonding.

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