The Aethra Telecommunications BG7542 Integrated Access Device (IAD) offers the richest entry level interface selection for SME voice and data services, with four analog, two ISDN and a four ports Gb Ethernet switch.

Up to four concurrent high quality voice calls, Fax/Modem support and secure WiFi make the BG7542 the perfect choice for A/VDSL connectivity over copper (with full vectoring support) and fiber. USB 2.0 port provides printer and storage server capabilities.

Fully featured SIP IAD

Entirely based on SIP, the Aethra Telecommunications BG7542 offers a full set of IP telephony services inside the IAD. Aethra Telecommunications BG7542 supports four analog and two ISDN ports.

Fast Configuration and Deployment

Aethra Telecommunications BG7542 can be configured and managed locally and remotely, giving ITs, network administrators and service providers a fast and cost-effective way to deploy network services to branch offices and tele-workers.

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