XV9400 Series


SKU: XV9421

Based on the latest Intel x86 4-core and 8-core architectures and leveraging cutting edge datapath acceleration and crypto technologies, XV9421 is a fully integrated platform for connecting the Headquarter with the branch offices at ultra broadband speed and ready to host additional services through Virtual Network Functions.



2x SFP+, 1x SFP, 4-port GE.


SMART VIRTUALIZATION Smart Virtualization for Third Party Applications Onboarding

System resources can be segmented, dynamically configured and reserved either for the router itself or for the virtualization engine. Virtual Network Functions such as Firewalls, SD-WAN clients and WAN Accelerators can be hosted inside the access router as KVM-compatible virtual machines and inserted in the service chain.

XV9421 with its dataplane acceleration mechanisms also allows to reserve additional power processing to support on-board deployment of additional functionalities like a virtual firewall without adding further boxes without compromises on the overall throughput.
Tech Specs FIXED WAN / LAN
■ SFP+Yes
■ GEYes
■ 3.02
■ ProcessorIntel Atom C3000
■ # of cores 4 / 8
■ Frequency1.70 GHz / 2.20 GHz
■ Memory8 / 16 GB
■ Storage120GB
■ Max # of VNFs 2 / 4
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