ab medica Group

Strong in its expertise combined with a very solid know-how and an inexhaustible inclination to innovation, in 2009 Aethra Telecommunications fully joined ab medica, group engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of innovative medical technologies. The synergy with ab medica has introduced Aethra Telecommunications to the field of telemedicine, controlled by ab medica group with a wide range of cutting-edge solutions on offer which have been designed to improve people’s quality of life.

ab medica
Since 1984 ab medica has established itself as a forefront reality dedicated to specialized areas of medicine and surgery. Always engaged in the research, production and distribution of the best products and the most advanced technologies available on the market, ab medica is committed to ensuring the best quality of life and care for the patient.

The Other Companies of the Group

ab medica sagl
The company distributes the best medical technologies on Swiss territory.

ab medica s.a.s
From design to realization: specialized in the fields of laparoscopic surgery, cardiac surgery and interventional neuroradiology, ab medica s.a.s. represents the manufacturing excellence of ab medica in the production of high-range surgical instruments for minimally invasive surgery.

Abex Excelencia Robótica s.l
Established in 2016, Abex Excelencia Robotica is a Spanish company engaged in the spread of Da Vinci robotic surgery in Spain and Portugal.

Genomnia s.r.l
One of the four companies in Italy that is able to sequencing DNA and interpreting data collected through internal bioinformatics services.

Medical Labs s.r.l.
Using the most up-to-date technologies, Medical Labs, embodies the ab medica production hub involved in manufacturing, assembling, and testing of medical devices.
It provides a wide range of personalized products in the market segment of the custom pack and mini-invasive surgery.

Officine Ortopediche Rizzoli
A story of excellence and innovation in the field of orthopedics and rehabilitation has been written in Budrio from 1896 for our country. Every day Officine Ortopediche Rizzoli works closely with surgeons, physiatrists, orthopedists and physiotherapists to ensure that the patient heals and achieves a better quality of life.

Pacinotti s.r.l.
Historical commercial partner of ab medica in the distribution of new medical technologies.
Since 1985 Pacinotti deals exclusively with the marketing of specialistic medical devices introduced by ab medica in Italy.

Telbios s.r.l.
Telbios is a leading provider of innovative personal care services and solutions and one of the first Italian companies to deal with telemedicine, a cutting-edge industry that combines medicine, technology and telecommunications.