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Environment and Green Approach

Sustainable development, environmental protection and pollution prevention are an essential part of our vision. We implement a comprehensive environmental management system conforming to ISO 14001, and we keep under strict control environmental impacts to continuously improve our achieved performances.We adopt “design for environment” procedures in all of our internal processes starting from the R&D stage, and we involve in our green approach the whole supply-chain. We believe everyone needs to be aware of the environmental issue and promote an active contribution to ecological responsibility.

Sustainability Report 2023


We are strongly committed to perform excellence in business processes the same way we are committed to excellence in technology and innovation. We implement an integrated management system for Quality, Environment and Safety, which involves all the staff in a continuous improvement of the performances.We are ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management System (cert. No 50 100 15183 TÜV Italia ) ISO 14001 certified for Environmental Management System ( No 15184 TÜV Italia )  and ISO 45001 certified for Health and Safety Management System (cert. No 50 100 16757 TÜV Italia).

ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 14001 Certificate

ISO 45001 Certificate

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics clearly states the common principles, values and responsibilities that guide our relationship with the market, the communities in which it operates, the people who work in it and all the other stakeholders.

Code of Ethics