Networks for Next Generation People

Why Aethra Telecommunications

How We Can Help You

No one better than Aethra Telecommunications can support communications service providers and their customers in transitioning and embracing the all-IP paradigm thanks to its unequalled experience in wired/wireless connectivity, data routing, legacy voice services, VoIP solutions and designing customized solutions.

Full in-house
product design.

We develop and own all the hardware and the software of our products, which means fast customization and fast validations.

Internal EMC
testing facilities.

We are equipped with an in-house EMC lab. This accelerates hardware design and gives us full control of the process.

Active participation
to standardization bodies.

We participate to standardization bodies activities, giving us insight of market technology trends and innovations as well as the chance to be part and drive innovation.

Same operating system
along all platforms.

All our products share the same operating system and configurations can be shared between different devices, so that new platforms can be seamlessly introduced in the network with near zero IT workload.

Long term experience on legacy
voice and migration to VoIP.

Our experience with legacy voice gives us all the knowledge to support our partners and customers in the migration to a full IP network.

Direct partnerships
with silicon vendors.

We have direct relationship with silicon vendors and direct access to new technologies. We partner with them and communications service providers in proofing innovative technologies.

Commitment to invest
on new technologies.

We have always been pioneers in new technologies, often first on the market with disruptive solutions, like NFV and SDN.